May 16th 2017: BIONNALE Science & Sights Tour

Start at Ludwig-Erhard-Haus (near Zoologischer Garten)

Get in touch with the life sciences in the German Capital Region and see the City during your stay! This year, the tour will take you to Berlin-Buch, one of the most forward thinking biomedical hubs in Germany.
The tour will start at 13 p.m. of May, 16th and will give you insights in Berlin´s historic development form a divided city to an ecosystem of innovation. The tour is reserved for company and tech transfer representatives from outside HealthCapital Berlin-Brandenburg, who are looking for new contacts at the research institutions (Max-Delbruck-Center, FMP, Charité, etc.) and the SMEs located at BiotechPark Berlin-Buch.

For more information and registration contact:


HERE you can find a detailed agenda.

closed since 16 May 2017
Registration 1 Feb – 16 May
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Event 16 May – 17 May
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Venue Fasanenstraße 85
Berlin, Germany
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