A week of Life Sciences in Berlin!

On the days around the BIONNALE Berlin will be the place for high-profile life science events, to which we want to draw your attention:


May 23-24, 2016 (Berlin)


Translate! 2016


"Finding the Face in the Crowd: Translational Research in a Competitive, Global Scientific Market"

Everybody talks about translation in life sciences. But only little agreement exists on the definition of the term and the essentials it takes to translate basic research findings into clinical routine. To support the development of translation, the congress Translate! 2014 served as kick-off event to form an “Open Forum for Translational Research”. The event was initiated jointly by the Berlin-Brandenburg Center for Regenerative Medicine (BCRT), the journal Science Translational Medicine (STM) and the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH). The event targets translational scientists in academic and industrial section.

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 translate 2016

May 24, 2016 (Berlin)


Labiotech Refresh


Fresh, young and new: Labiotech Refresh will give you a deep insight in tomorrow’s Biotech trends in a dynamic and modern way with 150 of Europe’s Biotech leaders, innovators and enthusiasts. The first edition of Refresh is introduced by, Europe’s leading digital media for Biotech.

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 labiotech refresh

May 26-27, 2016 (in Berlin)


9th Charité Entrepreneurship Summit


Every year in May, over 400 global leaders in health care innovation, including entrepreneurs, scientists, physicians, investors, policy makers, and business heads convene at the Charité Entrepreneurship Summit in the vibrant German capital of Berlin.

The 2016 Charité Summit agenda will feature highly relevant topics, such as the digitalization of health care, the role of open innovation in dramatically improving drug discovery, the prospects of genome editing and healthy aging, the influence of women in changing the healthcare ecosystem, the growing understanding of the impact of gender differences on research and the practice of medicine, and the importance of delivering value-based medicine.

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LifeSciences VentureMarket


In co-operation with the Charité Entrepreneurship Summit and BIONNALE the LifeSciences VentureMarket (May 26th) will provide a platform for founders in life sciences, medical devices and digital health to present their companies to investors and potential collaborators. We anticipate a pool of international angels, venture investors, and corporate funds to participate. This is a special opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for funds, feedback, and connections.

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