Biobased Economy

„Biobased Economy in Potsdam"

Opportunities for Research Institutes and Companies in the German Capital Region and Europe“

A major event in Potsdam/Germany bringing together international actors in a cross-sectoral approach. The focus will be on entire value chains and not single sectors in order to foster integrated processes on the way to an inclusive biobased economy. 

Plants, not petroleum is the simple way to explain what the biobased economy is all about: a green economy based on plant- and waste-derived food, feed, fuel, and materials – sourced and refined locally.

A biobased economy has the potential to replace oil, strengthen security of food and energy supplies, create 'green' jobs, increase incomes and ensure green growth.

To foster innovation, from R&D and deployment to market pull, to deliver bio-based products a wider approach is necessary. Therefore the focus needs to be put on all economic sectors that supply and use renewable biological resources and produce biobased materials, goods and fuels, traversing the entire value-chain from the field to biorefinery to the end consumer.

Aim of the conference:

Therefore, the overall aim of the international conference „biobased economy“ in Potsdam is to bring together actors along the entire value chain not only to identify the potential for biobased processes but to also address gaps in value chains and work on sustainable solutions. In this regard, an intense knowledge-transfer between companies and research institutes as well as regions in Europe seems vital to pave the way for more actors in the biobased economy.

In addtion, biobased economy does not only mean a shift from petrolium to plants but a fundamental shift for businesses as well: away from a so called ‘linear’ model where resources are extracted, made into products and disposed of, to a model where products are remade, repaired, resold, or recycled.

Alongside the ecological advantages of the biobased economy the conference aims at addressing the economic benefits of a circular economy in the frame of the thematic workshops.

Why to particpate?

  • to find new business partners for an easier market access in Europe and beyond
  • to find new partners for transnational R&D&I projects
  • to find partners for an international technology transfer
  • to benefit from best-practise examples in Europe
  • to learn more about funding opportunities on an international level


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