Emerging Potential of Aviation Education and Training

for continuous and sustainable contribution in Eastern and Western European aerospace and aviation programs, projects

The Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA) has a dedicated chapter on education and workforce, which was developed by the ACARE Working Group #5 “Prioritising research testing capabilities and education”. It identified the adaptation of the curricula to the Aviation sector needs, as well as the attractiveness and harmonization of the curricula content, as essential enablers to enhance the quality and availability of the Aviation workforce.
Highly skilled aviation workforce is a key factor influencing the success of aviation education and training establishments in “playing top level European research league”. Highly skilled aviation workforce also plays an important role in continuous and sustainable contribution of aviation education and training establishments in Eastern and Western European aerospace and aviation research programs, projects.

Collaborations become more and more important due to fast developments cycles and time to market requests. Sustainable networking between R&D players and industry is a proven strategy to raise innovation potentials, create new products, processes and services. For these reasons, BEAWARE project - funded under FP7 Program aims to bridge Partners for Aerospace Research and Technological Partnership with a focus on East - West collaborations gathering SMEs, Large companies and Research organizations.

BEAWARE Partners invite you to take part in the Workshop and Matchmaking Event which will be held in Bratislava, Slovakia, the 8th September 2015. A real opportunity to match Companies and Research Organizations from Aeronautics according to their know-how and project proposals through B2B meetings!

Thanks to individual meetings organized within this Matchmaking Platform, participants will be able to identity and meet partners for :

  • Technological based collaboration
  • Commercial agreement and supplying activities
  • Research collaboration for Horizon 2020 and CleanSky upcoming Calls for Proposals




Workshop objectives

  • Highlight specific role of Aviation education and training establishments in continuous and sustainable
    contribution in Eastern and Western European aerospace and aviation research programs, projects
  • Discuss future skills needed to stay involved in top European aviation and aerospace related research



  • Researchers conducting top European aviation related research
  • Research managers from the air transport industry, research institutions, aviation education and training establishments
  • Representatives of university education in aviation, regulators, research establishments, ministries
  • Representatives of private sector conducting/interested in stepping in the top European aviationrelated research.

Why to participate?

  • Present innovative project ideas to OEM’s as well as to other potential suppliers
  • Targeting potential partners in pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings for business, technological or Horizon 2020 collaboration
  • No registration fees
  • Partial reimbursement of travel (flight) costs for Eastern European Organisations
  • Meetings Organisation in a pleasant place.


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