Baltic Business Arena 2014

Welcome to Baltic Business Arena & Baltic Business Forum

26-27 Nov 2014 in Tallinn, Estonia

Baltic Business Arena offers you pre-scheduled face-to-face meetings with other companies, financial institutions and research institutes.

Baltic Business Arena brings mutual benefits to everyone and is a very effective way to discover new business opportunities. The Baltic Sea Region is among the regions in Europe with the highest growth rate, therefore Baltic Business Arena can be a very good platform for your company to develop new business contacts.

Baltic Business Arena is part of the business conference Baltic Business Forum, a meeting platform for Baltic Sea Region’s companies, where companies can take part in interesting seminars, share their experiences and discuss common challenges. The project is a joint initiative between Business Sweden, Sweden's embassies in the Baltics, Swedish Institute, Enterprise Europe Network, Swedish Growth industries and Baltic business promotion agencies.

Main topics Show full list of topics covered ...

* Clean-Tech                                                                      * Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 
* Renewable Energy                                                         * Technologies for the Food Industry
* Sustainable Construction                                              * Creativity Industries   
* Life Science                                                                     * Automation                                             


Why participate?

  • Buyer - meet qualified and innovative companies and find innovation provider from the RTD performers.
  • Supplier - meet new customers, create networks of mutual interest and find ways for finance your product or technology.
  • Product developer/project manager - find ways for product development and transfer of technology.
  • Researcher/research institute - meet partners to discuss new innovative solutions and future research ideas.
  • Financing institution representative- meet qualified and innovative companies to discuss cooperation of mutual interest.


As participant you will get:

  • A personalised schedule with meetings of your choice and of others.
  • Access to our online match-making tool.
  • The possibility to participate in specially targeted workshops and seminars on topics of key interest for your business.
  • Networking evening on the 26th Nov jointly with the Baltic Business Forum.
  • Lunch on the 27th of Nov jointly with the Baltic Business Forum.
  • Company visits in the afternoon of 27 nov.


Deadlines  Tasks
21 Nov  Deadline online registration – Insert your cooperation profile
21 Nov  Deadline to book your meeting requests
24 Nov  You will receive your individual meeting schedule
27 Nov  Pre-booked business meetings (09:00 - 13:00)

Financial Support

closed since 26 Nov 2014
Registration 1 Sep – 26 Nov
Meeting Selection 1 Sep – 2 Nov
Event 27 Nov
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Kumu Art Museum Weizenbergi
Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia
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Participants 21
Meetings 29
Estonia 12
Latvia 1
Lithuania 3
Sweden 5
Total 21
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