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International Brokerage Event at ATWARM2013

Enterprise Europe Network Ireland supported by Enterprise Ireland and Invest NI, invites you to participate at the brokerage event during ATWARM International Conference 2013 "Water - The Greatest Global Challenge" 14-16 May at The Helix, Dublin.  Manage dedicated business contacts during the conference by joining our brokerage session which takes place on Day 2, Wednesday 15 May.

Registration is now closed.  The meetings will take place in The Gallery Room, The Helix, Dublin City University.  All registered participants to collect their final meeting schedule at the Brokerage Registration Desk.


A Brokerage Event is an ideal opportunity to find international partners for technology transfer, business co-operation and collaborative research, in pre-arranged 20 minute meetings in one location.  You simply need to Register, present yourself, your company, your technology online and select partners of interest to you in advance of the event.  For further details go to “How it Works”.

Target Participants

This one day event will target a wide spectrum of innovative companies, universities and researchers from Europe in the Water and Environment sector interested in sharing new project ideas and finding collaboration partners

The brokerage event takes place during ATWARM International Conference "Water - The Greatest Global Challenge" which will highlight innovations in water quality management that have been developed and demonstrated by a team of Marie Curie research Fellows under the FP7 Initial Training Network project, ATWARM (Advanced Technologies for Water Resource Management).

Registration: The Brokerage Event is FREE to registered participants of ATWARM International Conference .  To participate in the Brokerage Event you must also register by clicking on the REGISTER button on the top left hand side of this page.

Language: English

Dates for your agenda

9 May Registration and submission of a cooperation profile
3 May  - 13 May Online selection of face-to-face meetings
15 May 2013 Brokerage Meetings
The earlier you submit your collaboration profile the more it will be recognized.



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