AAL Forum 2015

Connect with potential business & project partners during the matchmaking event at the AAL Forum

Enterprise Europe Network Flanders invites you to participate in the matchmaking event during the AAL Forum in Ghent, organized by AAL Programme in cooperation with iMinds and IWT.

This matchmaking event will enable bringing together companies, deployers, investors, corporations, researchers, … to seize the opportunities and build (technological and/or commercial) collaboration across the borders. By participating in this b2b networking you will get access to the latest technologies and new business channels only by creating an online profile to select your face-2-face meetings. It gives you the opportunity to have bilateral meetings with the other participants: a private meeting where you can discuss your project idea, request, offer and know how with a potential partner.


One of the purposes of these b2b meetings is to match

  • Deployers of AAL solutions with suppliers
  • Companies with potential innovations for the health and care sector

Do not hesitate and initiate dedicated business contacts during the forum by joining our matchmaking sessions. You will not miss anything of the Forum because the meetings take place ONLY during the breaks!

Why participate

If you are 

  • a potential deployer of AAL solutions,
    this represents a unique opportunity to meet with highly innovative suppliers of AAL solutions
  • a supplier of AAL solutions,
    this represents a unique opportunity to meet with potential deployers of your AAL solution
  • a company seeking external funding
    you can meet investors interested in investing in your company
  • an investor
    this could be a unique opportunity to cherry-pick interesting opportunities for investments

  • active in research and/or innovation in the AAL field,
    - build quality partnerships for participating in transnational projects (eg  AAL call 2016, Horizon 2020 Programme)
    - facilitate the setup of project consortia for upcoming calls
    - discuss and develop new project ideas on ICT for active and healthy aging at international level
    - acquire new cross-border contacts and initiate collaborations
    - promote your research results, technologies and know-how


Participants will benefit from the interesting lectures, workshops, posters and exhibition during the forum and the additional opportunity to meet potential partners for their innovative technology and business.

It’s an ideal way to find potential  business and cooperation partners, in pre-arranged 20 minute meetings in one location. You simply need to register, present yourself, your company, your technology online and select partners of interest to you before the event.
For further details go to “How it Works”.

Costs: Registration for the AAL Forum 2015 is mandatory to take part in this matchmaking event. For more information about the registration fee please visit: www.aalforum.eu



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