AAL2Business & Brokerage Event on ICT for Ambient Assisted Living in H2020

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picture home.pngIf you have registered for our “Deployment of AAL solutions event”, you clearly look for an opportunity to sell or buy one of these solutions. Is there any better and faster way to achieve your objective than meeting with people which represent your counterpart (provider or deployer). This is exactly what B2 Match will help you to do: meeting with people who are likely to have complementary business interest to yours. Please, do enter into B2Match and submit your profile.



  • Creating an opportunity for offer and demand of innovative AAL solution to meet face to face on a one-to-one basis

Main topics

  • AAL in practice: from the producer to the consumer


Face2Face meetings and pitch sessions for research collaboration and AAL deployment solutions

Ideal-ist, the network of National Contact Points for ICT research, in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network invites you to participate in a brokerage event with pre-arranged face2face meetings in the afternoon session from 15:30 to 17:00 of this side event at the AAL-Forum 2014.

This event will gather representatives of companies, universities and research institutes working in the ICT-health sector, interested in sharing new project ideas and finding collaboration partners in the following topics under the new framework programme for Research, Development and Innovation - Horizon 2020:


Topics for Leadership in enabling and industrial ICT technologies


ICT-Health Topics in Societal Challenges


Why to participate

If you are 

  • a potential deployer of AAL solutions,
    this represents a unique opportunity to meet with highly innovative suppliers of AAL solutions
  • a supplier of AAL solutions,
    this represents a unique opportunity to meet with potential deployers of your AAL solution
  • a company seeking external funding
    you can meet venture capitalist interested in investing in your company
  • a potential deployer of AAL solutions,
    this represents a unique opportunity to meet with highly innovative suppliers of AAL solutions
  • a venture capitalist 
    this could be a unique opportunity to cherry-pick interesting opportunities for investments
  • active in research and/or innovation in the ICT-health field,
    build quality partnerships for participating in the new Horizon 2020 Programme
    facilitate the setup of project consortia for upcoming H2020 calls
    discuss and develop new project ideas on ICT at international level
    acquire new cross-border contacts and initiate collaborations
    promote your research results, technologies and know-how

If you prefer

  • to present your collaboration idea to a bigger audience
    we offer you the possibility to participate as a speaker with a 5 minutes pitch presentation during the first afternoon session from 14:45 to 15:30. You can choose according to your interest between the following two tracks:
    Track 1: Pitching for investments
    Track 2: Pitching for research collaboration
    At the end of the pitch presentations the interested audience has time to talk personally to you in order to discuss further collaboration. 


Please indicate in the registration form, which track you are interested in and in case of research collaboration (Track 2; this applies also in case of your participation in the Face2Face meeting) all the specific activity areas, in which you are available for collaboration. This will allow other registered participants to identify you, visit your pitch presentation or choose you for a Face2Face meeting. On the other side we use your expression of interest to contact you and give you further advise in case you intend to participate with a pitch presentation.


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