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The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic is pleased to announce an international conference "Social Sciences and the Humanities: a New Agenda for Europe's Challenges" that will take place in Bratislava on 15-16 November 2016 with pre-conference events on 14 November 2016. The conference will be held during Slovakia’s EU Council Presidency and will offer a platform for open discussions on the current and future research in social sciences and humanities (SSH).

The programme will offer plenary and parallel sessions, which will be delivered by distinguished international speakers from all over Europe. The conference will bring together scholars from social sciences and humanities, companies, non-profit organisations, policy makers and media representatives in order to work towards a better visibility, integration and implementation of SSH into science and research policies.

The list of confirmed speakers includes: Peter Plavčan, Carlos Moedas, Josette Baer, Andre Gingrich, Russel King, Gilles Kepel, Anna Triandafyllidou, Michal Vašečka, István Tóth, Vladimír Baláž, Iveta Radičová, Adam Michnik and others.


Key topics:

  • The role of SSH in addressing Europe´s challenges
  • Migration and mobility
  • Radical ideologies and extremism
  • Growth, jobs and policies against inequalities
  • Democracy, justice and stability
  • Cultures, values, beliefs, motivations and citizenship
  • Prospects of SSH research


More information about the conference, including registration can be found at:

Participation in the conference is free of charge.

closed since 31 Oct 2016
Registration 13 Sep – 31 Oct
Meeting Selection 1 Nov – 10 Nov
Event 14 Nov
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Venue Bratislava
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 147
Meetings 260
Belgium 7
Czech Republic 5
Finland 2
France 1
Germany 5
Greece 1
Hungary 1
Ireland 2
Italy 9
Latvia 1
Lithuania 6
Macedonia 2
Moldova 1
Norway 5
Others 3
Poland 31
Portugal 1
Slovak Republic 27
Slovenia 1
Spain 22
Turkey 39
United Kingdom 2
Total 174
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