Swedish-Belgian Innovation Initiative (SBII)

The Swedish-Belgian Innovation Initiative (SBII)

Pilot conference: Digitization of the Future Industry

October 4th, 2017, Brussels


Following subtopics within Digitization of the Future Industry are prioritized:

  1. Digital & Real Factories
    • Manufacturing operations (modelling, testing, simulation & visualization of engineering, production planning, manufacturing processes and maintenance)
    • Systems and performance engineering (modelling, testing, simulation & visualization of production flow, information flow, people and other resources, business model design)
    • Product development methods (intelligent design methods, design and manufacturing of smart and lightweight structures)
  2. Transparent Communication and Connectivity
    • Hardware (operator devices, sensors, tags and codes, smart monitoring systems)
    • Software (ERP, PLM, data handling, processing and visualization, vertical integration of business systems with shop floor systems, horizontal integration of supply chains)
    • Communication (5G and other telecommunication)
  3. People in Manufacturing
    • Knowledge systems supporting decision making
    • ICT Support in new organizational models
    • ICT for skill development & decision support
  4. Solutions for flexible distributed production
    • Autonomous automation that can adapt to products and people, flexible assembly solutions, smart machines, machine learning
  5. Advanced manufacturing technologies
    • Mechatronics (energy-efficient motion systems, high-performance autonomous systems)
    • New production methods (additive manufacturing, agile and human-centred production and robotic systems)
    • Advanced products (high-precision products)


Project funding is available via Eureka and Eurostars, eurekanetwork.orgFor more info about the funding, please click here

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  • Multinational Enterprise (MNE)?
    • SBII enables you to identify and get matched with the most innovative SME’s from Belgium & Sweden
    • Share your experience and expectations with the public regulators in Sweden and Belgium and hear about ongoing pilot tests in both countries
    • Learn more also about the available project funding through Eureka and Eurostars
  • Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME), higher education/university or research institute?
    • SBII gives you the opportunity to pitch your next market oriented research project to the R&D-heaviest industrial partners in Belgium and Sweden
    • On top of that, learn more about available Eureka and Eurostars project funding for your latest R&D project
  • Our initiative in Switzerland, SWII (the Swedish-Swiss Innovation Initiative) has achieved following results:
    • In 3 years, 30 R&D consortia and projects realized with a total project value of 38 MEUR
    • 50 project outlines with CH as main partner, 56 project outlines with SE as main partner
    • Appx 500 high profile participants from organizations such as Volvo Construction Equipment, Eaton Group, Volvo Cars, Sandvik, Hexagon, ABB, Ericsson, Saab & many more
    • Almost 700 one-to-one meetings have been carried out onsite at the SWII conferences
    • For experiences from previous events, incl. participant statements, see (photos & SWII video)


WHEN: October 4th, 2017

WHERE: Brussels (exact location - tbc)

REGISTRATION on invitation


  • 10 carefully chosen Belgian and Swedish SMEs will gain the opportunity to pitch their next R&D idea to the industry audience
  • If you are interested in an elevator pitch, please contact Kristofer Ziegler, Senior Project Manager at Business Sweden, for more information (kristofer.ziegler@business-sweden.se or +32477895719)
  • Swedish SMEs may apply for travel grant here


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