Game Camps Riga 2017

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Game Camps Riga 2017

29. September - 1. October, 2017 in Riga Latvia


Game Camps is an initiative to strenghten cross-border ties between the Baltic Sea countries’ game industries. It’s express goal is to help establish at least 10 cross-border game companies over the next 3 years, working with no less than 240 aspiring game developers from Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Sweden. Game Camps is co-financed by the EU INTERREG Central Baltic programme.

Game Camps Riga 2017 - is a 48h Game Jam, that will take place on September 29 – October 1, where you can test your skills at creating games from scratch and developing business background.

Game Camps is a joint effort between the Game Camps network of Baltic Sea, Game Developer Association of Latvia, Casual Games Association, IGDA and game industry hubs.

The challenge is to build a working game prototype within 48 hours and pitch it to the distinguished jury of game industry old-timers. The best projects will be awarded, awesome prizes by event hosts and partners. 


The main goals:

  • Pitch game idea. You can start pitching your idea in online platform (available only after registration), or during event;
  • Create international team (each participant can be member of only one team). Team can be created before the event in online platform, or during event - last minute team building;
  • Magic 48 hours, develop your game prototype, test it, think about business background, prepare presentation;
  • Utilize opportunity to meet the fantastic mentor team;
  • After event: observe the possibility to establish international company and get support up to 10000 Euro under "de minimis" rules. Support will be available only for registered companies. The support will not be given in cash or transfered to company account. Project partners will buy desired services (e.g. design, composition, internationalization, etc.) according to Central Baltic Program procurement regulations.

Special prize will be awarded by:



  • And of course, have fun, meet old and make new friends, learn and create.


A few figures about previous events!

Previous event, Game Camps Tallinn, took place in Tallinn, Estonia, from Aprill 4 - 6. In total more than 60 participants, 9 teams were organised, 3 winner teams were selected. The best teams have possibility to get support, under "de minimis" rules up to 10000 Euro. 


Who should attend the Game Camps Riga? 

  • Game developers.
  • Coders.
  • Designers.
  • Composers.
  • Graphics Artists.


When and where?

Game Camps Riga 2017 will take place in Riga, September 29 - October 1, 2017. Venue: Baltic Meeting & Training Centre, Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel, Kuģu iela 24, Riga, Latvia.


What to do?

We ask you to register on this site by clicking the Register link on the upper right hand corner. You will then be asked to submit your contact information. After that, you will be able to pitch your game idea, start building team and of course we look forward to meet you in Riga. Please take into account that your personal profile and pitch will be revied by project team, before it will be published.

Participants who pitch idea, will be able to create team with up to 8 (eight) team members.


What next?

  • Validation: Your application will be validated. You will able to pitch idea/create team/join team.
  • Unfortunatelly, validation of your application, doesn't mean that you are admitted.
  • Participant selection process: participants will be selected basing on information provided during registration process, their knowledge, idea, team building. The priority will be given to those who pitch idea and started international team.
  • Final participant selection will be on September 15, 2017.
  • Confirmation: if you have been selected, read and reply to the email to confirm your participation.
  • Be in contact with your national project partner. Project partner will inform you about the next steps.


Cancellation policy:

  • Don't cancel, use your chance to get new friends, develop games, establish company and maybe visit Silicon Valley and meet potential investors.
  • But in case you will not be able to attend:
    • There are no penalties if you cancel your participation before September 15;
    • If you cancel after September 15, you will have to refund all costs related to your participation (travel, accomodation, etc.), unless you have an urgent medical conditions confirmed by doctor.

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Registration 9 May – 15 Sep
Meeting Selection 9 May – 28 Sep
Event 29 Sep
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Venue Kuģu iela 24
Rīga, Latvia
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 92
Meetings 12
Estonia 18
Finland 15
Latvia 40
Sweden 19
Total 92
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