CELSIUS Summit 2017



District heating and cooling collaboration

From the EU research initiative Seventh Framework Programme, CELSIUS is a district heating and cooling (DHC) knowledge transfer and demonstration project. DHC is an excellent way to utilize secondary energy sources and become more energy efficient. EU cities with an expressed interest in planning, building and optimising smart DHC solutions can become CELSIUS Member Cities and benefit from the project offering. In the offering, there is a CELSIUS Wiki - an online DHC knowledge resource - with articles from the CELSIUS Partner Organisations, CELSIUS City Supporters and CELSIUS Member Cities. There are workshops, webinars and study visits to the CELSIUS demonstrators. CELSIUS promotes legislation with focus on energy efficiency at an energy system level. And there is a growing CELSIUS Network that decreases the distance between stakeholders interested in DHC development.


More about CELSIUS

In June this year, CELSIUS won an EU Sustainable Energy Award that recognises outstanding innovation in energy efficiency and renewables and highlights new ways to shape Europe’s energy future. To learn more about CELSIUS, watch the award finalist movie below or visit the CELSIUS website.


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