CELSIUS Summit 2017

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CELSIUS Summit offers a range of Partnership packages allowing you to tailor your organisation's involvment and maximize your exposure. Your organisation will appear as a major industry player to delegates and other Partners during the event, making an enduring contribution to your overall marketing plan.


In Gothenburg, CELSIUS Summit will create a truly transdisciplinary networking arena. The program will generate involvement and inspire to networking among the participants from cities, the private sector, professional organizations, and academia.


Partner Benefits Platinum Gold Silver Bronze

Logo on program in welcome package        

Yes Yes Yes Yes
Record and send a 10 sec promo recording of company/organisation* Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contact information for all participants Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of representatives from the company/organisation who can attend the conference 4 3 2 1
Exhibition area including one round stand-up table and electric outlet 3 m2 3 m2 2 m2 1 m2
Acknowledgement on conference website with company logotype and link to company website Large logo Medium logo Medium logo Small logo
Logo on all conference promotional publications, such as Invitation to register, Confirmation Yes Yes Yes  
Include give-aways in welcoming package (such as usb sticks, pens, note pads, badge strap etc.) Yes Yes Yes  
Appoint moderator for a round-table discussion** Yes Yes    
Roll-up in conference room Yes Yes    
Record and send a 30 sec video clip of company/organisation* Yes      

*Deadline to send give-aways and promotional recordings: 6 November, 2017
**Topics to be determined in collaboration with partners


If you are interested or would like to know more about becoming a CELSIUS Summit Partner, contact one of us:

Helena Nordström, Head of Communication and Market-Outreach    Emilia Pisani Castañeda, CELSIUS Project Officer
Katrina Folland, CELSIUS Coordinator     Jonas Cognell, CELSIUS Senior Program Manager


Register for this event
open until 22 Nov 2017.
Registration 19 Jul – 22 Nov
Meeting Selection 19 Jul – 22 Nov
Event 27 Nov – 28 Nov
Language English
Venue Mässans Gata/Korsvägen
, Sweden
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 64
Meetings 80
Belgium 3
Bulgaria 1
China 1
Denmark 4
Estonia 1
Finland 1
France 8
French Polynesia 1
Germany 13
Ireland 1
Italy 12
Netherlands 10
Norway 1
Swaziland 1
Sweden 68
Switzerland 2
Turkey 1
United Kingdom 21
Total 150
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