60° Congreso Internacional de ACODAL

In ACODAL´s 60th International Congress, will come more than 2000 participants. Goods and services producers, retailers, institutions, public services enterprises, lecturers, researchers and professionals will cover all aspects of sustainability: water, sanitation, environment and renewable energy.

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Find it in our business matchmaking on May 31st, June 1st and 2nd, 2017 in Cartagena city, Colombia.




In 2017, from May 31st to June 2nd, during ACODAL´s 60th International Congress, in Cartagena, historical and colonial city of Colombia, you will find someone who needs what you offer and someone who offers what you need.

This year, business matchmaking will have participants from Spain (as special guest country), other ACODAL‘s allies countries (principally France, Israel, USA, Germany, Holland and Republic of Korea) and, obviously, Colombia. They will cover all aspects of sustainability in themes like water, sanitation, environment and renewable energy.

In ACODAL‘s 60th Congress you will meet more than 2000 people; you will can take part in more than 400 experts‘ conferences on research, institutional polices, and applied technologies; you will attend commercial, industrial and technological exhibition with more than 100 exhibitors; and you will have access to  public and private companies representatives.

Register now on business matchmaking, and on May 31st, June 1st and 2nd, 2017, you will find your future partners in production and sustainable management of water, sanitation, environment and renewable energy.



Main topics

  • Water management
  • Sanitation management
  • Liquid and solid waste management
  • Renewable energy

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Why participate?

  • You will can have individual meetings with representatives of public and private companies
  • You will release your company and its products
  • You will know about technologies and how to access it
  • You will meet more than 2000 participants from ACODAL and AIDIS

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  • Institutional development and management
  • Technologies for water and waste treatment, recycling and reuse
  • Urban sustainable management: water, waste and energy
  • Sustainable development, and management of renewable energy and non-conventional sources

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closed since 26 May 2017
Registration 1 Feb – 26 May
Meeting Selection 15 May – 29 May
Event 31 May – 2 Jun
Language Español | English
Costs No tiene costo para los inscritos en el 60° Congreso de ACODAL e Invitados
Venue Centro de Convenciones Las Américas (Cartagena de Indias, Colombia)
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 137
Meetings 370
Germany 2
Argentina 1
Brazil 1
Colombia 101
Ecuador 1
Spain 35
Holanda 2
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Italy 1
Mexico 1
Others 3
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United States of America 2
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