60° Congreso Internacional de ACODAL

Matchmaking & meetings - How it works

Matchmaking business is a quick and easy way to meet potential partners for your business. People meet quickly focusing its supply and demand in 20 minutes maximum, usually enough time to create connections; elapsed, a buzzer sounds and continues with the next interview.





February 1st  to May 17th

·   Registration

·   Publish your business focus, and collaboration wishes

·   Register

·   Publish your organizational focus, and your collaboration wishes

·   The better your profile the more meeting requests you will receive

May 18th to 25rd

·   b2match meetings book

·   Send meetings requests to your selected participants

·   Meeting requests are treated as accepted as long they are not declined

May 26rd

·   Personal meeting schedule

·   You will receive your preliminary meetings schedule by email

May 31st and June 1st (In the afternoon) and

June 2nd (In the morning)

·   Matchmaking & bilateral face to face meetings during the ACODAL‘s 60th International Congress

·   You can check your updated meeting schedule in your business matchmaking platform account and  you will receive its print at the desk entrance of the Nueva Granada "C" hall of the Convention Center

  • Your schedule contains time and table number of each bilateral meeting

 7-How does it work

1. Online registration

  • Register online and submit your own cooperation profile.

  • In your profile, you can state what kind of technology/product/expertise you are offering, what kind of cooperation you are looking for and which ideas you would like to discuss with potential collaboration partners.

  • All cooperation profiles will be published online and will be for everyone to see.

  • You can change your profile any time.


2. Promotion of published profiles

  • All published profiles will be extensively promoted by coordinators of this event.

  • Furthermore, all participants of the event will view your cooperation profile.

  • A statistical analysis of 40 matchmaking events showed that high quality profiles are visited about 50 to 150 times BEFORE the event and will still be viewed AFTER the event.


3. Selection of bilateral meetings

  • Email notification

You will be informed by email when you can start booking bilateral meetings. Check which cooperation profiles are most promising. Intelligent search options allow a quick identification of the most suitable participants/cooperation profiles. Within a few minutes you should be able to identify future potential business partners.

  • Booking of bilateral meetings

Once you have found the most promising business partners you can select them for bilateral meetings. You can add further meetings any time but please be aware that the bookings are managed on the principle "first come - first served". You can book meetings BUT you can also be booked for bilateral talks by other participants!

  • Your personal meeting schedule

A few days before the event you will receive your personal meeting schedule (furthermore you can constantly check your meeting schedule online). This meeting schedule gives information about the time, the number of the table and who you are going to meet.


4. At the event

You can check your updated meeting schedule in your business matchmaking platform account and  you will receive its print at the desk entrance of the Nueva Granada "C" hall of the Convention Center.

In chronological order for each meeting, your personal meeting schedule lists:        

  • Names of your conversation partners.

  • Table number for each meeting


ACODAL’s staff will be ready for you during the whole matchmaking event



closed since 26 May 2017
Registration 1 Feb – 26 May
Meeting Selection 15 May – 29 May
Event 31 May – 2 Jun
Language Español | English
Costs No tiene costo para los inscritos en el 60° Congreso de ACODAL e Invitados
Venue Centro de Convenciones Las Américas (Cartagena de Indias, Colombia)
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 137
Meetings 370
Germany 2
Argentina 1
Brazil 1
Colombia 101
Ecuador 1
Spain 35
Holanda 2
Israel 1
Italy 1
Mexico 1
Others 3
Peru 1
Puerto Rico 1
United States of America 2
Total 153
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Before Event3471
After Event 1181