Sustainable Building and Refurbishment 2014

The event management team wants to thank you for the participation in this event. 

The Enterprise Europe Network of Vienna organizes this conference and brokerage event as energy efficient buildings are the state of art and only alternative for our way of living in Europe.


This conference and b2b matchmaking event targets companies as well as stakeholders working in the field of sustainable building and refurbishment, wanting to experience latest technologies, sharing new project ideas and last but not least finding collaboration partners for new business opportunities.


Picture-StartingpageMain topics

  • Construction/secondary contract work
  • Building materials/components and assemblies
  • Engineering and planning/ architecture and construction services
  • Renewable energies/air conditioning and building technologies
  • Business agencies/clusters and associations


Why to participate?

  • to learn about the latest technologies on sustainable building + refurbishment
  • to gain knowledge on new markets
  • to present, discuss and develop new projects
  • to initiate cross-border contacts
  • to create synergies through sharing know-how


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closed since 19 May 2014
Registration 19 Feb – 19 May
Meeting Selection 14 May – 27 May
Event 27 May – 28 May
Language English/German
Costs Free of charge
Venue Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 145
Meetings 308
Austria 83
Belgium 5
Bulgaria 4
Croatia 21
Czech Republic 8
Denmark 2
Finland 2
France 3
Germany 4
Greece 2
Hungary 29
Italy 2
Japan 1
Latvia 1
Morocco 2
Netherlands 2
Norway 2
Poland 12
Republic of Macedonia 1
Romania 4
Serbia 12
Slovenia 1
Spain 4
Sweden 4
Switzerland 3
United Kingdom 2
Total 216
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