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An Information and brokerage event in the field of Environmental (Bio) Technologies


In general, the Partnering Event focuses on environmental technologies for observation, simulation, prevention, mitigation, adaptation, remediation and restoration of the natural and man-made environment.

Areas of interest 

In general, the Partnering Event focuses on technologies aiming at an improvement of resource efficiency, which is one of the most important topics in the FP7 Theme 6 ENVIRONMENT. Developing innovative ideas and generating eco-efficient technologies and processes contributes to decreasing material inputs, reducing energy consumption and minimizing wastes.

The main focus is to enable and accelerate the development of:

(i) innovative ideas and new market opportunities for eco-efficient technologies, processes and services contributing to decreasing material inputs, increasing resource productivity, minimizing waste and recycling waste as a resource of secondary raw materials, which will offer new opportunities for SMEs;

(ii) adequate decision support tools (indicators and models) to enable policy makers and other stakeholders to choose the best mix of policy options, as well as to analyse and monitor the progress towards resource-efficiency;

(iii) support for standardization needs in the field of environment.

However, any topic from the list of the Scientific Conference’s topics is also relevant.

Therefore areas for cooperation open for the Partnering Event are very broad, and include:


  • Water
  • Soil
  • Waste
  • Clean technologies
  • Built environment
  • Air technologies
  • Eco-efficiency and eco-innovation
  • Risk assessment of chemicals
  • Technology assessment, verification and testing
  • Energy efficiency
  • Other (to be specified by a participant)

The aim of the Partnering Event is to

  • facilitate the international collaboration among partners involved in the environmental research,
  • contribute to the preparation of good proposals for the upcoming call for proposals 2012 in the FP7 Theme 6 ENVIRONMENT through formation of new consortia
  • find partners for long-lasting cooperation.

Main topics related to the upcoming call for proposals in the FP7 Theme 6 ENVIRONMENT

Details will be provided later.

Why to participate?

  • Learn about relevant Networks and Best practices of EU funded projects
  • Get background information about the upcoming 2012 call on Environment
  • Meet potential collaboration partners on specified issues

Who should participate?

  • Scientists representing all areas of environmental research, including economy
  • SMEs – their participation is of special importance since EU projects without their participation are of very low impact (and of low chance for success), especially when new environmental technologies are considered
  • Stakeholders
  • Administration
  • Other partners interested in collaboration, and eligible for participating in EU projects

Your Advantages?

  • Present your innovative research ideas/technologies and call the attention of potential cooperation partners!
  • Meet numerous prospective cooperation partners in a SINGLE day - reduce the amount of time and money for finding new partners

How it works?

  • Partners for face-to-face meetings will be chosen based on cooperation profiles submitted on-line at our website.
  • However, it is not excluded that participants will also have a chance to present themselves in a very short presentations (either on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning). If that appears to be the case, the organizer will announce it at the website and inform personally based on e-mail addresses given.

The Brokerage meeting language is English.

The participation is free of charge.

Important Dates

31st Aug. Registration and submission of a cooperation profile
2nd Sep. Online selection of face-to-face meetings
6th Sep. Bilateral meetings (8:00 - 13:00)

The earlier you submit your colaboration profile the more it will be recognized.

Participant profiles will be online soon!








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